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By Admin on 12 Dec 2018 12:54 PM

Learning and Development at the Flight Centre Travel Group

To be successful in any role you move into or company you join, to ensure you’re set up for success, you’re onboarded correctly. This is a crucial step and provides managers with the opportunity to ensure all the relevant information is shared with their new team members. Any new team member joining will go through a 4-week training program covering every element of the business.

Top Questions Asked About the Flight Centre Travel Group Training Program

We touched base with Lee Ziervogel, a Learning and Development trainer for the group to get his insights on some of the most common questions asked about the training program all new recruits should complete.

#1 What all does the training entail?

Any new hire joining the company will be expected to complete the four-week training program which has been put together by the Learning and Development Division. Here you’ll be taken through the global company conditions of employment, company policies and procedures, system and technology run through as well as the sales processes and how other divisions work.

#2 What can new starters expect?

As a new hire, you can expect four weeks of learning, networking and having the opportunity to take in substantial knowledge about the Flight Centre Travel Group Family. You’ll be taken through the various departments to ensure you have a well-rounded understanding as to how the company operates and where you fit in. Understanding the consumer is an important aspect and through the training program, you’ll role play with other team members before taking on client requests. You’ll complete training on the reservation system to ensure you’re able to complete client bookings.

#3 Is there anything new starters can prepare for?

We want you to make the most of your time when you join, be sure to maintain an open calendar. Attend all the training sessions allocated to you and never be afraid to ask questions. Maintain an open mind and ensure you are present in the sessions. Otherwise, bring your A-game and your fun factor to have a good time.

#4 What can they look forward to?

Starting a new job is already overwhelming and therefore we’ve spent a long time putting together this training program. Knowledge is power, and we want all employees to feel empowered when making decisions and assisting clients. New recruits can look forward to getting all the necessary knowledge they need to be successful, meet new people and partake in team building.

#5 Why did you want to get into training and why do you love training?

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing new recruits come out of their shells. My goal is to empower all new hires so that they’re able to succeed in their roles. After all, their success is my success. If you’re ready to make a career move, be sure to head over to our website and check out the latest vacancies all over the globe. FCTG are passionate about empowering their employees to ensure they get the best results. There's no reason for you to doubt if you’ll have sufficient information before starting in your new role.