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By Admin on 02 Nov 2018 3:28 PM

Flight Centre isn’t just a place to start your career in travel, it’s also a place to expand and reach fulfillment in your career. Carla Gomes-Piroto recently joined the Flight Centre team after having worked for a travel company for 8 years, and she’s never been happier. Carla started out working in the hotel industry but was itching for a change. She saw an advertisement for a job in travel and immediately jumped at the opportunity. “Although I did not tick all the boxes, i.e. diploma in tourism, travel experience etc. I showed a passion for this role and the interviewer saw that.” Needless to say she was hired and crowned overall top newbie within the first year. This was clearly the industry she belonged in. Carla went on to various roles in the company, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming manager.

Then in February this year, after an 8 year journey in travel, she felt she had reached a ceiling. Her career had plateaued and she felt it was time to expand her horizons. “I had always heard about the competition (Flight Centre) and it was extremely scary to suddenly start considering venturing into the unknown.” Despite being a little nervous to make the move, Carla hit the ground running and immediately knew she had made the right decision. “This is an amazing company to work for. You have the opportunity to grow yourself and your brand.” The difference was immediately apparent. At Flight Centre there would be no ceilings. No limits on career growth. “I have endless options of what and where I want to see my career path go. I can move into operations, product, accounting. I can venture locally, internationally and it is such a well known brand”. With limitless potential to grow, it only makes sense that Carla is having the time of her life. Career growth aside, Carla enjoys having a strong team to support and encourage her, as well as taking interest in her future.

“There is great support from the team and they strongly encourage your BOF (Brightness of Future) and they want you to grow into whatever you aspire to be.” Every month the different stores get together for a Buzz night. The idea is to socialise with consultants from other areas and give recognition to the previous months top/most improved performers. Carla explains how Buzz nights and their Annual Ball are highlights in their busy schedule. “Our Annual Ball (Usually held in July) is in a league of its own! And truly the highlight of many a Flightie's calendar.” Carla also explains how you can live the travel life while on the job. “There are endless trips on offer from suppliers (we call them educationals) and hence there is still the opportunity to do what you love and see the world.” It looks like Carla made the right choice when moving to Flight Centre. “I can definitely recommend this move to anyone considering joining a brand that is on trend, fun, international and always willing to go the extra mile.”

If you’re looking to make the change and join the exciting Flight Centre team, visit our applications page to view our available vacancies and Apply Online!