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Employee Testimonials...

Roxy Gonsalves -Recruitment Business Leader

My Flight Centre Travel Group story started in 2010 when I started in Durban in the brand called Student Flights. I knew after 7 months, that Flight Centre was a career and not a job, so I took the plunge into leadership, and moved to Johannesburg, where I was exposed to the Assistant Team Leader Position.

After this I grew into a Team Leader position and moved to the Flight Centre Brand, where I was a part of the top store in South Africa. I was rewarded a trip globally and travelled to Macau.  I was then Team Leader of Flight Centre stores and remained in retail for 6 and half years.  I always wanted to be a part of recruitment, to help people gain the opportunity I have been fortunate to have.  In 2015 I joined recruitment and became a retail recruitment expert. 

Within 6 months, I stepped into the team leader position of retail and thereafter ran the recruitment team for all brands.  I specialise in recruiting for our retail brand and support roles.


Darren Burke -Recruitment Expert

My Flight Centre Travel Group story started 2007 when I started at Flight Centre Alberton as a Travel Consultant. After an amazing year of hard work, fun and endless financial potential, I decided to move to the UK. During the first two years in the UK I took the opportunity to travel extensively and worked for a few travel companies in different fields before deciding to return to my second home - Flight Centre. I missed the culture and the growth opportunities and was given the opportunity to start at Corporate Traveller as an Account Manager, where I spent 3 very happy years. In 2013 I moved back to South Africa and into to Corporate Traveller RSA as an Account Manager. In my 5 years with Corporate Traveller RSA I was an Assistant Team Leader for two teams, acting Team Leader and then full time Team Leader. In 2018 I made the move to Flight Centre Recruitment where my path continues. 

When I first started at Flight Centre Alberton, I said to my Team Leader that one day I want to work for Corporate Traveller and then eventually move to Recruitment. Through hard work, dedication and application I have managed to follow and continue my journey to a bright future.  I specialise in the corporate brands for both the Corporate Consultant roles, as well as Business Development Managers.


Jean Morudu -Recruitment Expert

My Flight Centre Travel Group story started in 2013, after my studies, I gained my Bcom Honours in Business Management from Midrand Graduate Institute. I was not sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be in a company where I could grow, learn and be successful.  I joined Flight Centre Travel Group as a Human Resources Administrator. 

I was always passionate about recruitment and always wanted to place people in the right roles within a company. I managed to gain experience as an Assistant Recruiter for our retail brands for 1 year, where I learnt the ropes in how to be a recruitment expert.

  After persistence, drive and hard work, I was offered a permanent position as a recruiter in 2015, where my passion grew, and I held the title of top recruiter before I went on maternity leave.  I have managed to pursue my growth path, and now specialise in our leisure brands, and Finance, recruiting specifically Debtors and Creditors. 


Mummy Mafojane-Area Leader FCM Travel Solutions

I find that working for FCTG, I have learned to deal with challenges, which is something I was not necessarily cable of before. The salary structure within the company is such that financially, you can write your own salary, as long as you are willing to put in the work, which is very empowering, should you wish to take it on. The culture within FCTG allows for differing personalities and strengths to work in tandem. The opportunities to grow your career are in plentiful supply, and are not limited to certain identified people , its fair game for all who want and put in the hard work ....In simple terms. I just love my FCTG Family, now and always!


Hanrie Pelser - Learning and Development Assistant Team Leader

I joined Flight Centre Travel group in 2003.My plan was just to work for the company for a few months, not seeing the job as a long-term commitment 15 years later and I am still here, loving what I do and finding it very hard to see myself elsewhere Flight Centre offers great opportunity to grow within the company.Our company philosophies set the foundation of what we do, and we can do it by being our true selves. When you join Flight Centre Travel Group, you don't just join a company, you join a FAMILY that you become part of!


Jarryd Harris - Retail Johannesburg Training Co-ordinator

Working at Flight Centre has provided an integral space where my passion for travel can be cultivated whilst still allowing a dynamic, corporate leader to be further developed
Where else, can someone become an Assistant Team Leader, then Team Leader and join a support role within 2 and a half years of their career.
The ‘Egalitarianism’ and ‘Brightness of Future’ philosophies are what makes this possible and what I love most about working for this phenomenal company. These along with the other 10 philosophies form a ‘flightie DNA’ that runs through every employee here, creating a unique company culture that makes you feel like you truly belong. This definitely separates us from most other companies
FCTG is a company where hard-work, commitment and passion will allow you to steer your career in a direction that suits you best
It is refreshing to finally be at a place where you can honestly say you do what you love and love what you do.




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