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Exciting Opportunities

We offer exciting growth opportunities to our employees and even the chance to share in the profits! At Flight Centre Travel Group we want our success to be your success. At Flight Centre Travel Group, we’ve seen spectacular results when we give our employees opportunities to grow and flourish in their career. With our range of training programs we enable our employees to be successful in their positions, helping them take ownership of their career success!

At Flight Centre Travel Group, we’ve seen spectacular results when we give our employees opportunities to grow and flourish in their career. That is why we give you ownership of your career success! Our belief in Brightness of Future is the driving force behind this workplace “ownership” philosophy. We are constantly working on new ideas to give our employees improved career opportunities.

Induction and sales

As a newbie on the team, we make sure that we get the best of the best on the team to train and equip you with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to achieve success in your new job.

Your induction training includes:

Our business school offers training that is complementary to the training you receive internally at Flight Centre. This training offers a pathway of accreditation from Certificate-level to an Advanced Diploma as well as opening doors to higher education. We offer flexible course options to suit you and your lifestyle. So, whether it’s juggling family, your career or your social life, at Flight Centre we’ll help you plan the best way to fast-track your career through furthering your education.

We offer various programs to help you

Leadership Pathways

We understand our business’ ongoing success is highly dependent on our leaders and their development. Not only do we want to develop our leaders’ skills and abilities, but we also make sure our leaders build up and train those they lead, so it’s easy to identify new candidates to follow in their leader’s footsteps. Having this succession mentality is critical to our business success. We also have our Fast Track programmed (our EE leadership programme) National Team Leader Development Program and Top 34 Leadership programme run by University of Stellenbosh Business School.

Opportunities for Ownership:

Employee Share Plan

FC Global Share is our international employee share plan that offers our permanent, full-time employees an opportunity to become shareholders in the Flight Centre Travel Group without having to break the bank. This allows them an opportunity to share in the growth and profit of the company and it ensures that they have a personal interest in the success of the company. As you can imagine, this has proven to be a beneficial arrangement for both the employees and the company

Apply to join our team today and start reaping the rewards of your hard work!

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Exciting Opportunities

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