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Love for travel

Do you catch yourself with your head in the clouds, thinking about travelling to incredible places? Are you someone that can't see yourself in a boring office job? Well, why not take the plunge and start an exciting career in travel with Flight Centre Travel Group!

We offer opportunities in travel retail, corporate travel management and business support areas. Our purpose is clear: “Open up the world for those who want to see.” Passion for and a genuine interest in travel are a prerequisite for our team of travel experts. However, one of our major priorities is to give back to our employees in the form of great opportunities, both on the job and off..

Benefits of being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group team:

Conferences and team trips

We pride ourselves in our team values and the way we build people’s confidence and skills. Our teams work hard to qualify for our Global Ball where they have the opportunity to travel to incredible destinations around the world to take part in our extravagant Global Conference. These trips are an amazing way to network with teams and individuals from Flight Centre businesses around the globe, make friends and scout for your next holiday destination!

At Flight Centre Travel Group , we believe in working hard as well as playing hard. That’s why we love finding ways to combine the two as often as possible. Why not? We are in an industry that basically writes a new book on “fun” every single day!

Being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group team is a dream-opportunity for anyone who loves to travel. Don’t miss the boat (or the flight, or the train…). Have a look at our available positions today!

Discounted Holiday travel

Our in-house travel booker allows you fantastic employee discounts on flights, accommodation, sightseeing tours, railway experiences, cruises and more!

Travelling when on leave gives you the chance to live the dream that brought you to choose this career in the first place.

Educational Leave

This is exactly as amazing as it sounds … We believe our travel experts can hardly call themselves “experts” unless they regularly travel themselves. We allow for to up to 5 days additional leave annually to explore the range of travel destinations and experiences that we offer. Our travel experts are all travel-savvy and are eager to share suggestions and tips – based on personal experience, not theory… These educationals are a big part of what makes Flight Centre the industry-leading travel consultancy

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