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Socially Responsible

Living in South Africa means that we often find ourselves face-to-face with the realities of poverty and it can seem overwhelming to not know where to start helping. At the Flight Centre Travel Group, we’re taking a stance against poverty by creating opportunities for our employees to contribute to something greater than themselves through our social responsibility commitments.

Working at the Flight Centre Travel Group means you become part of a dynamic, caring community and we’ve made it our business to give back through the Flight Centre Foundation and the Brighter Futures.

The Flight Centre Foundation

The Flight Centre foundation is built around developing and building a better South Africa to ensure a better quality of life and future for all. We do this through:

The main focus of the foundation, however, is Education. We believe that to be socially responsible in South Africa is to stop poverty in OUR generation and the only way to break the cycle of poverty is through education.

So by contributing towards the education of children and young adults, we hope to make a difference in South Africa’s future.

However, we understand that simply contributing financially to school or university fees is not enough. In order to reach their full potential, these young people need all-round support in terms of social and emotional assistance.

By offering guidance and mentorship to these learners, we believe we can help ensure that they find their way to success.

We’ve developed this charter and as a group are committed to making a difference by promoting responsible travel. We choose to make a positive impact on the world by the way we build packages and operate as a business.

We have four goals in this Charter:


By choosing to share the burden of the travel industry we aim to make a positive impact on the economies of the countries in which we do business.


We support responsible tourism activities that promote conservation of wildlife and environmental awareness.


We try to build the communities in which we operate and offer a helping hand in times of need.


We take steps to understand and prevent animal cruelty from being part of the tourism industry.

When you become part of the Flight Centre Travel Group community, you realise that you are more than an employee, you are part of a family - a family that takes care of each other while focussing on our social responsibility. We believe strongly that businesses should give back of their time and finances to the community in which they operate. We believe in encouraging our employees to adopt these same values for themselves and become socially responsible in their career as well as in their personal capacity.


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