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By Admin on 02 Nov 2018 3:24 PM

When deciding on a career in travel, where better to start, than hearing it straight from the horses mouth? We chatted to Michelle Bergset, General Manager of Flight Centre Leisure brands in Johannesburg, to find out what it’s like working for one of the most exciting companies in the world. Having worked in the travel industry for many years Michelle sheds light on the ins-and-outs of her career. On a general day at the office Michelle says she deals with people, people and more people. “The role of a GM is to support consultants and leaders to manage and run their businesses efficiently and profitability. Growth, Profit and Change are our three constants – and I suppose that is how I would describe what I focus my days on.” But enough of the nitty-gritty’s, we want to hear about the best parts of working in travel! At a company like Flight Centre Travel Group, Michelle enjoys the fact that career growth opportunities are endless.

For her, the office is not a place of work, but more like a family that she gets to see every day. “Flight Centre is one big family and that at the end of the day you don’t leave the office, but you leave a space where you and your friends get together each day.” Sounds almost too good to be true! But at Flight Centre Travel Group, emphasis is put on employee work/life balance, globally winning multiple awards for best workplace and employer of choice. When asked how Flight Centre Travel group compares to previous travel agencies she’s worked at, Michelle explains how they separate themselves from the competition. “Flight Centre Travel Group is the only travel agency I have ever come across that embraces the ethos and spirit of our country which is one of total inclusion and kindness.”

When asked about what interests her about the Travel Industry, Michelle put emphasis on how the industry tends to change both those working in it, and the customers. “If I may paraphrase Mark Twain by saying that travel is fatal to bigotry and narrow-mindedness and these are words I live by. I truly believe that we can change the world for the better through travel by making meaningful connections with colleagues, customers, and the people we meet on our travels.”

Well said Michelle! Those truly are words to live by. At Flight Centre Travel Group, it’s all about passion and hard work. But let’s not forget all the fun to be had! Michelle has visited close to 20 countries as part of her job since she started in the travel industry. From Mauritius and Zanzibar to Russia and Dubai, she’s seen it all! We asked Michelle if she had any advice for someone looking to get into this exciting industry and she had this to say: “Don’t hesitate, take the leap! It’s not an easy job at first with regards systems learnings but is very exciting and at the end of most days I feel a massive sense of achievement and joy by seeing the pleasure on customer’s faces when they receive their documents.”

That’s what it’s all about! We work hard, and we play hard - Michelle is the perfect example of that! Do you think you have what it takes to be our next superstar employee? Take a look at our available positions and see if we’ve got something in your area. If not, keep an eye out on our website or Facebook page for updates.

If you’re looking to make the change and join the exciting Flight Centre team, visit our applications page to view our available vacancies and Apply Online!